Carla Blanton

When I lead a media training session, I always tell participants that what they learn will benefit them not only during interviews. They will use these skills when they’re communicating with employees, clients and board members.

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After the horrible winter for practically everyone who lives in the lower 48, spring is almost here. Some people might declare it spring after the first daffodil blooms or the first 60-degree day or the first round of allergy-induced sneezing.… Continue reading

My husband and I just starting watching a British series on Sundance called Babylon. Created by the director of Slumdog Millionaire, the series focuses on the London police department, which has hired an American PR executive to combat… Continue reading

Although sleeping during work hours is frowned upon, I do make excuses for my CSO, which stands for Chief Security Officer or – more Charlie sleeping 2014accurately — Charlie Sleeping Often.

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Church provides comfort, spiritual renewal and guidance. But I’ve also learned a few lessons from my pastor that you can apply to your daily communication and decision-making – no matter your denomination, faith or employer:


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Content is still king. It’s just a matter of how it’s packaged, delivered and shared – whether you are trying to create trust or build your brand through increased digital marketing.

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People are drawn to lists. I’ve been sucked into countless lists online that boast things such as Top Ten Places to Retire, even though I’m not near retirement and have no plans to move. Or how about Top 10 Super… Continue reading

OK, I admit it. I once ordered a McRib. (Don’t judge me. It was college. I was experimenting. Plus, someone else is ordering it, or it wouldn’t come back every year.)

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