People are drawn to lists. I’ve been sucked into countless lists online that boast things such as Top Ten Places to Retire, even though I’m not near retirement and have no plans to move. Or how about Top 10 Super Foods, when I know that I’m not going to try any of them unless cheese fries miraculously made it?

Lists are always interesting because they stimulate discussion and debate from the reader on whether he disagrees and what his list would be.

In case you’re facing a hump-day hurdle, I created a list for you: Best TV ads to make you laugh out loud or at least bring a smile to your face. I’m willing to amend my list and make it a top 10 if you think there are some glaring omissions. Send me a message through LinkedIn or fire off a tweet, and I will post them – if they pass the laugh test.

Enjoy and be thinking about how you can create lists of your own to draw people to your site and engage them in conversation.

  1. PlayStation ad with kid and grandmother
  2. Geico Hump Day
  3. PlayStation ad with Dustin Pedroia 
  4. Esurance ad with Beatrice: Offline over-sharer 
  5. Bank of America ad with Newfoundland