(Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? If I knew that sort of thing was frowned upoWTWW Janet Holloway headshotn… George Costanza, Seinfeld)

This Q&A is based on a few basic media tips and how we break them every day. Twice a month, Was That Wrong Wednesday (WTWW) will have a different person answering.

Our guest today is Janet Holloway, founder of Women Leading Kentucky, writer and president of j.holloway & associates.

Rule No. 1: Be responsive.

If ANYONE calls while I’m watching the recorded General Hospital, they’ll go to voicemail. I’ve been a fan for nearly 30 years.  Luke is still there, Laura’s off on her own journey, while her husband Scott…yes, she married him again!…has another dalliance with ex-wife Lucy, who’s married to Doc…People are coming back from the dead to haunt and threaten…real life is put on the back burner while I’m watching GH!

Rule No. 2: Be consistent and stay on message.  

Sometimes, listening to someone’s question, I’ll answer something totally off the subject.  Why does that happen?  It’s as if I’m hearing something entirely different.  Am I alone in this aberration?

Rule No. 3: It not only has to be true. It has to be believable.  

Underneath it all, I have a hillbilly heart…love the mountains, love Patsy Cline and Elvis and Wurlitzer jukeboxes and creeks and run-down old trucks. Yet, I also love Keith Jarrett, Javier Bardem, and UK Opera.

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