(Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? If I knew that sort of thing was frowned upon… George Costanza, Seinfeld)

On the first Wednesday of the month, you need a little levity after you pull into the Kroger parking lot, notice that it’s full, and realize it’s THAT Wednesday. Bad time to run out of Diet Coke.

This Q&A is based on a few basic media tips and how we break them every day. Twice a month, we’ll have a different person answering. I decided to be the guinea pig and answer the first round. Welcome to Was That Wrong Wednesday (WTWW).

Rule No. 1: Be responsive.

If my mom/doctor/pastor calls while I’m watching Justified, I would definitely let it go to voicemail.

Rule No. 2: Be consistent and stay on message.  

I once asked my husband how he could like coffee so much and hate coffee ice cream. He replied by asking me how I could hate coffee and like coffee ice cream.

Rule No. 3: It not only has to be true. It has to be believable.  

I don’t weigh enough to give blood. False and not believable.

I have been asked for my autograph. True but not believable. (When I was interning for The Chicago Sun-Times, I was talking to then University of Illinois men’s basketball coach Lou Henson (remember the Lou ’do?). A kid came up and asked for his autograph. Then he looked at me and figured I must be somebody, so he asked for my autograph, too. I signed it “Best wishes, Carla Nielsen.” I’m still waiting for it to show up on EBay.)

 I am such a rule follower that my idea of being a rebel is to fool the dentist into thinking I floss when I really don’t… OK, OK, it was killing me so I did start flossing last year. True and believable.