I still remember one of the early lessons I learned in my first journalism class at the University of Missouri on how to write a compelling story: Don’t just tell them, show them. In other words, don’t just say your product is the best or your cause the most deserving. You have to show them.

The power of a story…

  • Puts a face on your cause or corporation.
  • Provides a memorable moment that readers will carry with them long after any statistics or talking points that bolster your argument.
  • Creates a connection between you and the consumer to elicit a response and maybe even a call to action.

I teamed up with David Caldwell at Balance Creative and videographer Paul Del Rio to help Lexington Christian Academy tell its story and create parent ambassadors to share the good news. Yes, we used statistics in various materials, but we also created webisodes to make the connection for how LCA impacts lives.

Think about how you can use the power of a story.