Years ago, when my husband and I worked together at a PR and political consulting firm in Lexington, we also wrote a column for The Kentucky Gazette. We called it “He Said, She Said,” and gave our views on politics and campaigns from opposite sides of the aisle.

It was a natural extension of the political debates we used to have while walking the dog and occasionally appearing on Sue Wylie’s show on WVLK-AM. (By the way, I am convinced that our dog, Baxter, was a Republican. We got him in 1996, and he was glued to the TV when Jack Kemp spoke during the vice presidential debate.)

Back then, Jay had talked about us starting our own firm, but I told him I would only agree if we could give a nod to our bipartisanship by calling the company Bipolar Communications. The slogan would be: “We’ll work like crazy for you.”

He didn’t think that was a name that would attract many clients, so we went our separate ways professionally. Both of us are out of politics now and mostly air our opinions only when walking Charlie, our 130-pound bouvier. If you live anywhere near Chevy Chase, you’ve probably seen him walking us. I think Charlie developed quite the following when he was a puppy. We walked him several times a day, and he loved to see and be seen. We used to call him the Mayor of Chevy Chase. He slacked off on the walking, though, and there’s a new mayor in the neighborhood, an adorable dog named Gelly – short for Magellan. We wish him well.

With our political days behind us, I have decided to start a blog. In a nod to my former column, I have decided to call it “That’s What She Said.”

I’ll be sharing some ideas and tips on how to make your message more effective. I hope we’ll have some fun along the way. That’s what she said.